I feel that art is a part of me that is equal to my spinal column. I seem to be driven as by some unknown force to search for answers as to; why I have this need to be creative.

Taking a blank piece of paper or canvas and transforming it into an art work has always intrigued me. Like putting life into something. In my opinion, this is a gift, a gift that I’ve been exploring ever since childhood. Making my own marks is an avenue of  self expression that transcends my emotions and feelings. I realize that with every privilege comes a responsibility, therefore, the art that I create must be truthful as it will represent what I see and who I am.


 I seem to have an attraction for the realist seascape in particular. I was born and brought up as a fisherman’s daughter off the coast of Maine and at present have my own charter boat business out of Newburyport Mass. Much of my time has been spent in feeling, through all my senses, the ocean and its moods. In pursuit of my personal style, I find it interesting to try different media as some lend subject matter better than others.


 Striving to create horizons and space is a challenge of pulling and pushing paint with the use of color. Attempting to translate and project the mood of the ocean through mark making to create motion as light changes on the surface of water, is keeping me busy.


 I feel empowered. Sometimes, looking at Winslow Homer or Turner almost transmits to me like D.N.A. Knowing that they saw and felt the same as I and knowing this in an instant through the language of visual art, inspires me


Gyotaku fish prints
and Fine Art
Newburport Massachusetts