A Bergall or Cunner or Conner, Tautogolabrus adspersus, is a saltwater fish found in the Atlantic. It is edible and its musky taste is considered a delicacy by some. Specimens may grow to 12 inches though most range from 4-10. Cunner’s live near structures, such as sunken boulders. In past years, they have been important commercial fish, but now are considered pests. Cunner’s can be confused with Black Seabass and other Grouper, as well as Tautogs for their ability to change color. This Cunner was found in a lobster trap off Plumb Island in Newbury, Mass.




The original is 24x33 inches with metal frame and under glass.  Price is Sold 
Matted 9x12 prints (of the original) on foam board sprayed with fixative for archival attempt  are available  for $25.00
Framed prints and under glass  $40.00
8”x 11” Glass Cutting Boards $45.00
4.5”X4.5” Coasters $6.00 each.

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